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Getting into College: 5 Things You Need To Know

Getting to the end of high school is one thing, but nowhere near the end of your journey of studies if you want to have a degree or diploma behind you. College is the beginning of a brand new adventure, one where you can select your path and the direction in which you’d like to move. College is an exciting time in a student’s life, but getting accepted into college is a process that is not free of anxiety and apprehension. There are a few things that every student should know before making their applications to college.


Getting into college is by no means a prescribed sequence of events, but there are some things that you can do to better your chances of being accepted.
Below is a list of 5 things you need to know to get into college.

  1. Don’t take the most difficult subjects on offer in high school thinking that by doing them you will   better your chances of being accepted into college. If you are unable to complete them with decent grades, then these results will look far worse than good results in middle of the range subjects. Stick with what you understand and what you know you can excel in.
  2. Scores on your SAT and CT exams will play a part in your acceptance into college. These exams should be studied for and completed to the best of your ability. They are, however, not the only determining factors, so don’t rely solely on your SAT and CT results getting you into college.
  3. Displaying an enthusiastic nature and motivated character will boost your chances of being accepted into college. If you are receiving decent grades and you are involved in extra-curricular activities too, it displays a talent for being able to handle different challenges all at once. Admirable traits needed for life as a college student. If you cannot take part in extra curricular activities due to having an afternoon job, then this should be clearly stated in your application, as it also counts towards managing your studies and external life well.
  4. A lot of background research should be carried out on the colleges you are applying to. Make sure you understand the way in which these establishments function, so that if you are faced with any questions pertaining to the college itself in your application you will know how to answer them. A genuine interest in the college can be displayed through your background knowledge which will be well received by application assessors.
  5. Your application to college should depict your personality, as application assessors will be looking for those that stand out from the crowds. Ensure that you include references to certaincollege attributes and how they compliment your personality and your interests. You can turn this around vice versa and comment on certain aspects of your character that will compliment the college. Application assessors will be looking for those students that can add something to the college, whether it be academically, on the sports field or simply by being a decent person. Try to get your personal message across through your application essays.